What is it about women and shoes?

I love Yahoo Answers. Usually I stick to shoe and fashion-related questions; I enjoy the opportunity to be helpful. Anyway, awhile back another user posted a question that I imagine many women (and even more men!) have wondered about: “Why is it that some women are seriously into shoes?” We know it’s true, but when asked, we’re hard-pressed to explain exactly why.The rest of her comment mentioned that she “just never got what it was about shoes that women go so crazy over … I’ve always sort of been a purse kind of girl.” Here’s what I told her:

It’s probably like how you feel about purses, or how other girls feel about makeup, or jewelry, or so on. It’s like it’s the accessories that make the outfit, whichever type of accessory it is that sparks your fancy. Change your shoes (or purse or makeup) and you can totally change your mood. When you’re having a bad day, go buy a new accessory and suddenly everything feels a bit better. Not every girl has the same style or even chooses the same type of accessory to love, but every girl has something, whether its shoes or handbags, that she just can’t have enough of.

Imelda MarcosI would imagine the well-known former First Lady of the Philippines, Imelda Marcos (right), would have to agree with me. When she and her husband fled the presidential palace in 1986, Imelda left 1,060 pairs of shoes behind (most of which are now housed in the Marikina City Footwear Museum in Manila).

At the opening of the exhibit, Imelda told reporters, “They went into my closets looking for skeletons, but thank God, all they found were shoes, beautiful shoes.”