What to NOT wear with cropped pants

Have you ever seen that show on TLC called “What Not to Wear?”  OMG, Stacy London rocks. She and Clinton Kelly host the show, and in their honor, I’m offering a short sequel to yesterday’s advice on the best shoes for cropped pants (below, a prime example of what not to wear).

what not to wear1. Beware the bulk: Shoes that are chunky, feature a hefty heel, or cover more than three-quarters of your foot tend to beef up your outfit — not in a good way.  Don’t be afraid to bare that beautiful skin.

2. Cut back on contrast: Picture your imagined outfit as if from a short distance, so you can only see shapes and colors.  It should flow naturally from top to bottom; if you’ve got contrasting blocks of color, you’ve got a problem.  In other words, aim to keep your shoes in the same color family as your pants and/or skin tone.

3. Pass on patterns: shoes with busy prints or patterns also tend to break the flow of an ensemble.  Instead, opt for a more humble design.  Something simple will make a much better compliment when showing off those shapely legs.

4. Avoid ankle boots: Unless your cropped pants are extra long, ankle boots are a no-no.  IMHO, boots and capris shouldn’t couple up unless they overlap.  No matter how cute and colorful your tights are, we don’t want to see four inches of them between your hemline and your boots. ;)

5. Skip the socks and sneakers: For heaven’s sakes, does this tip really need more of an explanation? However, the culprit in the above photo can be forgiven; she’s about five years old.

– Katie

P.S.  If you came straight to this page, be sure to read yesterday’s post, too: What to wear with cropped pants.

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