What to wear with cropped pants

Whether you call them clam diggers, pedal pushers or capris, cropped pants have become a staple for the modern woman’s wardrobe during the warm summer months.   For clarification, in this article we’re talking about pants with hemlines that fall somewhere between the knee and several inches above the ankle.

As with any outfit, several factors must be considered when selecting the appropriate footwear for cropped pants, including one’s body shape and the rest of the outfit.  Still, I’d like to offer a few general styles and guidelines that can help you narrow down your options.

Roxy MimosaFlip flops: Always great for a laid-back summer look, flip flops are a no-brainer (shown at left: me with the Roxy Mimosa).  Flat styles will of course work just fine, but with capris you have the option of adding a little height.  Aim for balance though … skinny straps should be paired with a kitten heel, and broader bands with a micro wedge.

Pumps and Peep Toes: Up the class of those “clam diggers” with a dressier, pointy or peep-toed shoe.  A medium heel and fab feminine details will look ultra stylish, but avoid chunksters or skyscrapers that will take attention away from the rest of your outfit.

Wedges: Like toes and nail polish, wedge sandals and cropped pants are a natural combination.  Wear with care, though … wedges are bulky by nature so you’ll want to show as much skin as possible on the top of the foot, and look for minimal detail to avoid embellishment overload.

Tall Boots and Cropped PantsBallerinas and Skimmers: When your cropped pants fall on the shorter side of the line, closed flats like ballerinas and skimmers ought to be considered.   Those with more muscular calves or who feel “vertically challenged” (like me!) will have more trouble here, especially if the capris are wide-legged.

Tall Boots: Knee-high boots, although undesirable until the weather cools down, are an option if you want to extend the life of your cropped pants into the autumn season.  Best when paired with a wider cut, and although some would disagree, we think the boots should be tall enough to overlap a few inches under your trousers.  Note: this “what to wear” option is probably the hardest to pull off, but we’ve got faith in you!  Try it with the BCBGirls Damita and a plaid pattern like the one shown at right.

– Katie

P.S. Come back tomorrow for the sequel:  What NOT to wear with cropped pants!



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