When DIXIE gets hardcore, and Chicks get dirty hands.

Sam, or dare I say, SAMMY EDELMAN, does it again. The DIXIE just hit the solestruck site minutes ago and already sizes are vanishing. This OTK lace up combat is Over the top, no wait, I’ll say it, OVAH the top.

The details including back zip and rear snapping detail make this boot TO-DIE-FOR. We once thought there was NOTHING hardcore about “DIXIE,” well we stand corrected, the DIXIE BOOT proved us wrong. And, for the record, we also thought there was nothing hardcore about the DIXIE CHICKS, but i guess, we stand corrected there too.

+Pls note the dixie chicks are in no way linked to the dixie boot. While both are hardcore in their own respects, they thrive so independently of one another. Seriously.