The power of the Black Milk Sharkies, a cult like global organization of devoted fans and legging gurus, is something that has been known to bring down entire sites, monopolize social media outles, and organize and assemble themselves in the blink of an FB invite. The Sharkie shit is real, getting NOM NOM NOMMMMMED is also real. We took this into consideration when we began planning our Black Milk in-store Pop Up event to be held later this month in Portland. We took out extra insurance on the building, we bought extra booze, and we have stocked the store full. Ladies and Gents, Sharkies and shoe fiends—Solestruck is very proud to host the first ever US Black Milk Pop Up sales event. Hosted by our Portland Oregon retail team, the VIP event will host limited edition new items from BM, and the entire Jeffrey Campbell X Black Milk shoe collabo. We want to send a special shout out to the Black Milk peeps in Brisbane who have worked tirelessly with us on this project—and we are also excited to meet all the Sharkies coming to Portland for the event. The goods are semi-limited, but we will do our best to restock as quickly as we can after the nommmmmmm fest.

Click above image for official invite—This is being held exclusively at our Portland Oregon Flagship Store. Nom ya later.