The results are in and well over 100 entries were rec’d, even for those of you who did not get the post feature to work, if you emailed me we printed them and counted them in the mix. I just sat with our intern and read all the responses—some were fun, some were crazy, some where original, some appeared to have been written after a few cocktails—but all were very SOLESTRUCK! We were inspired by your entries of where you would travel, why you would go and how you would get there! We feel like you three ladies and gents are going to LOVE these free VAGABOND shoes. Hailing from Sweden–the simple styles inspire style, travel, urban-nomadism and Swedish realness!

With that said—let’s announce the winners! Thanks to all of our fans for joining in this quick 24 hour contest….and if you LOVE free shoes, make sure you get ready for the next round of our PHOTOBOOTH contest. We do one week of entries, one week of voting, then free shoes for one lucky winner! What can I say, we love free shoes!


Brooklyn, NY

The word “vagabond” always reminds me of one of my favorite Cibo Matto songs, Beef Jerky, where a verse ends with the lines “I’m a vagabond, I’m a vagabond; my mom says you are kinky!” So I guess those awesome shoes make me wander musically!

–We chose Jennifer due to the fact that we happen to LOVE this band….I have seen them live! Jennifer we love you!

West Los Angeles

Ok I’m about to wander my butt over to abbot Kinney in Venice, which is one of the best parts of living in LA. But there’s one thing I can’t get anywhere in LA, one place that exists only in Orlando FL that I need to get at and I actually looked into..At the risk of – nay, I will surely seem like a total dork…THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER! I’m still high off the last movie, and those boots by Vagabond really fit the Harry Potter aesthetic. I know I could have chosen to go to any exotic land but I really deeply in my heart just want to go there.

We chose Isis, because, well, despite trying to hid the truth–we are Potter heads here! Shhhhhh.

San Francisco

I need to wander to NYC because I LOVE HEATWAVES and SF refuses to have them. I’m a midwest gal with an east coast heart living on the west coast. Take me to your heatwave! (…And land of the Velvet Underground, fashion, Andy Warhol, and everything else I care about)

We chose Jennie, because we love NYC too!

Giant CONGRATS to all of our winners—we have emailed you for shipping details. We expect photos of you in your shoes ladies! Ya Better Work! We love our fans—and we appreciate all you bring to the table! We have the best clients!

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