Remember when Barbie was like, queen bee of Mattel, and then they came out with her friend Theresa, and everyone was like “who’s this bitch?” and “who the hell does she think she is?” But then we kind of started to really be into her (because blondes DO NOT have more fun, thank you very much).. well, it’s kind of like that, but with shoes.

When we first had the Ego and Greed 200 cross over, you guys went crazy and they sold out in record time. Even when the restock came- poof! gone! Now she’s back and in some new colors, but along with her, she brought her frenemy- the Five Plusses.



Since we all relish in gossip and rivalries, we’ve decided to give you guys the ultimate contest to win a free pair of the 200 Cross Over OR the Five Plusses- your choice! So here’s the deets:


It’s as simple as that!

- Post a photo of (or a link to) your all time favorite rivalry in the comments section of THIS POST or on insta (must be hashtagged with #sswhosesideareyouon).

- ONE ENTRY PER PERSON! People who post multiple times will be disqualified.

- 3 winners will be chose by the Solestruck team

Here’s an example for ya:


Our favorite rivalry- Courtney Shane vs. Julie Freeman in Jawbreaker

NOW FIGHT TO THE DEATH! Okay, maybe not to the death.. but you get the point!