Here are the 2 MIISTA winners!

Loved this contest! We worried that the premise was too wide open but boy were we wrong! This was one of our favorite giveaways yet… the  diversity of all of the entries was so good! So much creativity and with each entry we felt like we learned a little bit more about YOU—our favorite people in the world! It was so so so hard picking just two winners because honestly, every entry was AWESOME. It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it.

First up, this super cute video showing off the carefree MIISTA spirit. It’s pretty much got everything we look for in a youtube vid…and by that we mean synchronized dancing. (and bonus points for the cute fiance involvement!)



We loved this…spooky but pretty. In her own words: “As an artist, there are a lot of things I get inspired from… this time, it happened to be shoes. I was inspired by MIISTA’s design and silhouette of their shoes. My digital art emulated the irony of the MIISTA’s aesthetics: being tough but still being feminine. It is with this irony I created a butterfly (a symbol of femininity) made of leather shoes (a symbol of strength) I created a butterfly using their new F/W 2011 collection.”

THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERYONE THAT ENTERED!! It’s always good to get those creative juices pumping every now and then! If you didn’t win, no worries ’cause we’ll be launching a new giveaway with a new brand later this week.


  • Eileen

    The video is mighty cute and funny! Some serious editing there ;)

    The butterfly is just mind-boggling @_@

  • Vanessa

    wow!!! they defintely deserved to win! I loved the video and the butterfily is amazing….well done.