WINNER ANNOUNCED: The DUNSMORE, bringing back holiday memories.

Again, giant thanks to all the Solestruck and Jeffrey Campbell fans who have continued to participate in our 12 Days of Jeffrey Holiday promotion! As you know, on the 9th day of Christmas we decided to GIFT one pair of a new JC style that we love…sure, it’s a little more tame, but ladies, do you need the LITA every day? (I know I know.) The DUNSMORE is classic Jeffrey styling and—-so on trend for the coming year—we love the look and classic feel of this shoe!

We received, many posts about favorite holiday memories—how is it that this time of year always brings into focus what is important–and sometimes in the oddest ways. We have chosen one winner…our winning entry comes from a FB fan named SHELLY! We love her story—and how it reminds us—no matter how crazy your family is—this is the holidays, and they are your family and this is the HOLIDAYS—so enjoy em! Shelly wrote:

“When I was little, 6 years old to be exact, I remember that my family was acting very “silly” that Christmas morning and that my big brother got in a lot of trouble. I found out what really happened only 2 years ago…

My brother was a stoner and on Christmas Eve decided to try magic mushrooms with his f…riends. They decided to use our coffee grinder to crush up the mushrooms BUT failed to clean it out well. So the next morning was Christmas and all the adults in my family wanted to enjoy a cup of coffee. My mom ground up some fresh beans and brewed up a nice pot for my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. So the “sillines” I remember was because they were all high!! Needless to say my brother was grounded for months.”