Winner number two: STYLE FOR DAYS.

Our second winner grabbed our attention in two ways—and we could not resist her charm. TAYLOR KNIGHTON had all of her friends message us to let us know that this girl needed the LITA’s—-and we love friends who always come to the rescue of their ladies! But what really won us over from miss KNIGHTON was her style!  She has the craziest and cutest style…styled like some cross between Lisa Bonet from her college years and an assistant editor at Nylon magazine! TAYLOR is cute, collected together and charmging—she inspired us—and we can only imagine what she can do with a pair of LITA’s in her life.

TAYLOR, happy holidays girl—you won us over…and that makes you a winner.

  • http://Website Taylor Knighton

    OMG! My Christmas wishes have me true :) my Shoe Rebels are jumping up and down, so happy and are so excited for me! I thank youuu soooo muchhhhhhhh:) need my info? :) )

    • ty

      talk soon!