We received over 1,000 entries for our second day of giveaways for the holidays. Three winners will walk away with new Jeffrey Campbell holiday heels (featuring shoes in the “Eva-B” construction.). We got so many amazing submissions—and we kind of felt bad for our intern when we asked her to PRINT them, cut each entry into slips and place them in a large box in the office. After several hours of slicing, paper cuts and mild complaining, we had a HUGE box of entries! We are going to select the winners for today’s contest—via LUCK OF THE DRAW!!!

Winners include:

1. Amanda, she posted Dec. 16th 8:21PM

2. Kellie, she posted Dec. 19th at 10:23PM #meandmymommawearsolestruck

3. #occupysolestruck was posted by Bethany, Dec. 19th, at 11:58