MAJOR CONGRATS TO 2 LUCKY SOLESTRUCK INSTA FANS!! We did a little contest to celebrate us hitting 100K instagram followers (nuthin’ better than a nice filtered shoe pic huh??) and we asked our followers to post a pic of their shoe collection with the caption SHOE + ADDICT and tag it #shoeaddictsolestruck.

Since about half the people who entered forget to include the caption, we figured we’d let it slide (we’re real nice like that) so we picked a winner at random:

But then it was brought to our attention that we did in fact technically ask for the sign to be included SO to keep it fair, we also picked another one at random… this time just from entries that included their adorable SHOE + ADDICT sign!!! Below is the 2nd winner of the spree to end all shoe shopping sprees!

Thanks so much to all who took the time to enter! We do these contests for you and we hope you love them <3