WINNERS WIN. It is 5pm and the winners of the M.A.R.I.E.L. contest are….

W anting
I ntensely
N eeding
N onstop
I nsanely
N oteworth &
G ratifying shoes

Winner Number one caught our attention with a plea for help!

Jacob Fairclough
M-y god i need you to give me these shoes real quick
A-t least hear me out before you give me the flick!
R-ight next to me my girlfriend is on your facebook
I-n my damn ear saying “check these shoes out, look!”
E-veryday she browses the solestruck site
L-ets just say, thanks to you guys, my wallets now light!

Winner number two won of over with her humor-hey!

Patricia Trixie Encomienda,
Made perfectly for May
Appetizing like a parfait
Ravishing like a hooch-ay
Immaculate like Mother Mar-ay
Everyday, I would wear, hey!
Let me have them today!

and….drumroll please, winner Number three won us over with her amazing alliteration skills!

Nikita Glueck
M*y Major Manic
A~ddiction to these Adorable And Also
R*idiculously RAD Rockin’ JC shoes
I~s Irresistible & Illogical but Incredibly Inevitable .. so I
E*agerly Exclaim!
“L~uckily! they Look Lustfully GOOD!! ;) ” ♥

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  • ariana

    lucky to!!!!!!