Witchy WOMEN.

Last night I attempted an insane Halloween dance party at the Crystal Ballroom around the corner.  I didn’t dress in costume, rather a classy hot outfit equipped with a white sheer blouse, black lace bra, skinny pants and pony leopard stilettos.  You could say instead of a sexy version of a pirate or cop, I was a sexy version of myself right?  I lasted about 15 minutes, dancing in the sweat filled costume abundant ballroom when I needed to use the restroom.  My journey up left something to be desired (3 flights of stairs in stilettos is not my idea of a good time) but it was my way down that made me feel REAL old.  A girl stopped abrubtly in front of me to puke and rally, spattering a touch on my new shoes, and proceeded to stop 2 other times before we reached the dance floor.  Let’s just say I left sans goodbye to my group of friends and headed to a dignified bar where I drank myself a good few vodka soda’s.  I must be a real shoe addict that even a spatter of unwelcomed fluid on my kicks letft me LIVID.  Long story short, this is what I will be doing on Halloween.  Whether you celebrate or not, this movie is a classic, and never  disappoints.  Where is my pumpkin vodka?

Happy Halloween y’all, be safe and don’t puke.  XOXO.