Word of the Week: Brogues

Wow! I’m seeing a lot of influence from men this season. Well, menswear, I suppose. Last week we talked about blücher detailing, but the influence goes beyond that!

Nina Dolls Just FunEnter Word of the Week…brogues. Originating from the Scottish and Irish Gaelic word bróg, which means “shoe,” brogues is actually quite common in men’s dress shoes, and is another way of describing a wingtip-style toe on most frequently an Oxford.

They’re identifiable by the “W” pattern at the toe cap, which resembles a bird with its wings spread (hence, the wingtips). They also generally contain brogueing, or perforations, which normally creates a pattern on the shoe.

Nina Dolls AnytimeWhile women might not wear full-on lace-up brogue-style Oxfords, this trend is definitely apparent when looking at some of this season’s pumps. Take, for example, the Nina Dolls Anytime. This fun T-strapped mary jane found on has the feminine touches of a wedge heel, but also includes the brogue “W.”

An even better example comes in the form of the Nina Dolls Just Fun, also found on This has a similar T-strap and wedge look, but instead contains a double-”W” for even more emphasis. But don’t think that these looks are too tomboyish for you! All of the extra details combined with the demure nature of brogues styling create a super feminine and altogether lovely look that you should definitely keep your eyes peeled for.


UPDATE AUGUST 2008: Solevoice’s “Word of the Week” feature has morphed into a special section called “Shoestruction“.  All previous and future posts can be found in this category.



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