Word of the Week: Micro Wedge

As the sun continues to tease us, staying out just a few moments longer each day, we envision ourselves in typical summer garb of flirty skirts, cute capris, and the ever-popular wedge sandal. This season, a sub-trend has been spotted on the runways and earned a place as our word of the week: the micro wedge.

Micro WedgesWhile the exact definition varies depending on who you’re talking to, the term “micro wedge” describes the heel of a shoe that at first glance looks like a flat, but upon closer inspection actually consists of a slim wedge (Solestruck‘s requirement is 1″ or less).

While dozens of micro wedges are available on, there’s not enough room to display them all in a single post, so I’ve chosen just a few of my favorites as seen at right. Top to bottom, they are: Exchange by Charles David Yipee, BC Footwear Automatic, Pastry Glam Fruit Ballerina, Faryl Robin Betty, and Roxy Mulberry.

– Katie

UPDATE AUGUST 2008: Solevoice’s “Word of the Week” feature has morphed into a special section called “Shoestruction“.  All previous and future posts can be found in this category.



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