Word of the Week: Shoestruction

It’s been a while since I posted a “Word of the Week”.  I’m sorry!  So I’m making it up to you by not only posting a new word, but posting an original, self-created word: shoestruction.   Here’s what it’s all about:

shoe · struc · tion [shoo-struck-shun] – noun. 
1.  knowledge or information imparted concerning shoes, such as industry terms, fashion trends, history, etc.
2.  the act or practice of educating about such knowledge or information.
3.  Origin: a compound of the words “shoe + instruction” or “shoe + structure + education”, coined by the authors of this blog to refer to our compendium of shoe terms, trend definitions, and more.

I’m going a little above and beyond the average Word of the Week today because I’m trying a little something new.  For the next few weeks, I’ll be developing a collection of terms and definitions that we use on Solestruck and Solevoice.  Some might call it a glossary, but a born wordsmith like myself finds such a common word insufficient ;)

Anyhoo, keep checking back for future Shoestruction posts from yours truly, and if you have any special requests, send ‘em on over!  You can reach me anytime at

– Katie

  • LuLu

    hmm very interesting word :) xoxo, lulu