Yoplay, is the new Yoplait!

Sitting at work, looking for a detour from my quickly growing stack of to-do post-its, I stumbled upon a website which, screen-by-screen seems to effortless depict a different member of the Solestruck team. Yoplay Date!!!! is an archive of small sketches, watercolors and lo-fi GIFS depicting the adventures of gay cats, over-top fashion kitties, a dog riddled by an assortment of vices, flaming houseplants and fruits as well as amazing illustrations of everyday objects like a pyramid or a pile of pop-corn. I could go on for days—but in all reality, it won’t make sense until you check it out yourself. Gaaaaaaaa-irl, I was literally doing a ROFL covered in a heft LOL when I finished with this site—hope they add more soo, but for now this should get you to Friday. ENJOY!