The holidays can be a dooozy. Let’s face it, family, shopping, family, parites, boozefueled nights of overeating and then there is work, school and did i mention family? As your holiday draws to a close, as we prepare for a NEW YEAR and NEW START, we wanted to share with you an email we rec’d over the holiday break from a fan who, well, is celebrating in just our style. (identity protected but this email made our monday so much better)

Email Message ” Hi Solestruck! Not to sound crazy or anything, but all I want for xmas is a distressed black lita in a 6 1/2. Not for free. I will pay, of course. I just want it in my size :p I am not a loser emailing you on xmas night at 930. However i am a cute wife whose kids and husband are asleep. :) my hubbie is actually asleep beside me as i type this. i was forced into watching this football game, and now hes asleep. WHAT?! p.s. i have had a few glasses of wine p.s.s. i hate the stupid ass smiley faces i put in this email p.s.s.s. why am i emailing a shoe website!!!???”

Let us reply to her email publicly letting everyone know that YES we have more LITA’s in black distressed on their way to us. As you know this style and especially, the black distressed, is blowing out like crazy—so sign up for our auto emailer in regard to your size—and in the meantime, put on some PJs, grab some pinot gris and hop into bed with your laptop! I have said it before, and I will say it again; we have the best fans and shoppers out there!