The NYE-RESOLUTION challenge was a great one. We got over 100 entries of all of your hopes, dreams, goals and to-do’s for 2011. One Entry caught our eye—and resonated with us here at SOLESTRUCK. A comment from fashion blogger Zarna (check her blog here, we found while stalking her facebook!).

Zarna reminded us to CARPE this time…and that life is too short. Her resolution for 2011?

“My new years resolution is to be FEARLESS. Why not go visit paris with my best friend? Why not skip the gym and enjoy a big plate of french toast? Why not go volunteer half way around the world? I want to be spontaneous, fearless, and learn to let a go. life’s too short to not enjoy every moment of it!”

Do to her inspiring us…and taking life by the horns—she is being gfited one pair of the new JC CASHY! Thanks ZARNA!

  • zarna

    this is seriously exciting! i can’t wait to wear these fabulous shoes!!

    …and who knows? you just might see me wearing them in paris next year :)